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We're so happy to be getting married with our friends & family joining us!

There are a bunch important details on this site. Please take a moment to read each page thoroughly.

Boarding Requirements:

These are very important, read and re-read ;)

Valid identification is required to attend the ceremony and/or the cruise so renew those passports and drivers licenses!

Wedding Day Itinerary:

We have outlined how the day will go from boarding to saying goodbye to our non-sailing family & friends.


If you need them, there is a link provided.

On the Cruise:

We will share details of things we plan on doing in Bermuda and aboard the ship so check back regularly before our big day!

Cruise Info:

Any remaining rooms we reserved that have not been booked will be released on 2/27/20. Final payment is due 2/28/20.

Check the Cruise Info page for the cruise coordinator contact information.

We have included information about the ship.

Contact Us:

If you need to reach us directly, the Contact Us page has our info.


NCL has limited the number of guests permitted to attend the wedding ceremony that are not cruising.  So we may comply with this requirement we ask that you RSVP as soon as possible whether you are attending or unable to make it.

As we try our best to be eco-friendly, we have asked that you respond on this website via the RSVP page.

We will need to provide specific details for each guest in advance which we have outlined in this section as well.

 Peace, Love, Hugs & Kisses, 

 James & Ruth