Cassandra Lusso and James Keith's Honeymoon Registry

Pride Of America

Shore Excursions

Road to Hana Deluxe

Norwegian Pride of America Shore Excursion

With your thoughtful wedding gift, we will be able to sit back and appreciate all of the sights along the famed Hana Highway without having to navigate the curves ourselves. We will travel over bridges and along the twisting roads in an air-conditioned comfort of an exclusive 8-passenger luxury limo-van.

$250.00 each

2 of 2 available.


La Cucina

La Cucina

Buonasera! We’ll enjoy the finest ingredients at this vibrant Italian ristorante. We’ll spark a conversation over a great bottle of wine and freshly baked artisan farm bread. We’ll dine on classic dishes like pasta carbonara or lobster fettuccine. Then order the affogato and indulge in espresso over macadamia nut ice cream.

$50.00 each

3 of 3 available.


For a unique experience, the authentic Brazilian steakhouse is a must. We’ll start with an impressive salad bar of imported cheeses, olives, cured meats, ceviche and specialty salads. We’ll be sure to save room for the delicious skewers of slow-roasted meats including beef, pork, lamb and chicken – all carved tableside by the Pasadores.

$25.00 each

2 of 2 available.

Teppanyaki Room

Teppanyaki Room

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Flying shrimp. Onion volcanoes. Twirling knives. The sizzles and surprises never cease at this authentic Japanese Hibachi restaurant. We’ll sit around a lively shared table as a skillful chef slices, chops and grills steak, seafood and chicken on a large steel grill right before our eyes.

$30.00 each

2 of 2 available.

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